Tuesday, April 29, 2014

moodtrack of the day

this is a soundtrack of the day for you to enjoy on this nice tuesday morning. and so is the moodboard. putting them together - meet the moodtrack of the day and have a great day!

One, for starry nights and
Two, for candle lights and
Three, for long walks in the sun
Four, for all the laughter
Five, for ever after
Six, your smile is just the best.

Love is endless

Seven, you're my goodluck charm
Eight, for your open arms
Nine, for best sunday in the rain.
Ten, couldn't get much better
Eleven, two once put together
Twelve, all the joy and happiness.
Love is endless

Thirteen, I got brand new eyes
Fourteen, everything's a surprise
Fifteen, not a day that I regret,
Love is endless.
Love is endless.
Love is endless. 

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