Wednesday, April 2, 2014

make your own happiness

i have been intending to post this image for quite a long time now, first of all because i love the background and most importantly, because i love the message. those of you who know me have this image of me always in a positive mood, but those of you who know me very well, know that i am a little bit of a melancholic type. i love to think a lot about small little things and i like to make some stupid stuff too big and worry about it. and i have a perfectionism syndrome. i imagine things as they should be, have strict vision of everything and when reality doesn't come into synchrone with what i have imagined i get really upset. 

since my blog has long become both my diary and notes for the psychologist, in this post i want to admit my weakness and hope that it will help me fulfill the message on the image above. yes, it is absolutely true. we make our own happiness. 

firstly, nothing is perfect. and we can't make it perfect, because perfect is indefinite itself. something that seems perfect for me is absolutely the opposite to someone else. so the pursuit of perfection is doomed to failure from the beginning. 

secondly, our thoughts are material. we can get so much out of life if we think about it in a positive way. if we direct our thoughts and emotions to things that make us happy. and turn them into real actions.

thirdly, expect less. when you expect sun all the time and a sunny day comes, you take it for granted. but when you know that weather can't give you only sun and there are clouds, snow and rain in it's assortment, the sudden sun is appreciated so much more. 

and finally, grab and be thankful for the opportunities that life gives us. my favourite story is about a drowning man and his prayer to destiny (life, opportunity, god) to save him. when destiny (life, opportunity, god) sent a boat to save him, he rejected it with the words that he didn't need a boat and was waiting for destiny (life, opportunity, god) to save him. he continued praying and boats continued coming. when he rejected them all, he drowned. there is no need to always wait for something to be put on the plate in front of us. let's use our hands, all the boats and all the possibilities and make our own happiness. 

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