Tuesday, April 29, 2014


god has given me one biological and a bunch of unbiological sisters.

i decided to continue the portraits in my blog and this post is about one sister of mine. she is something in between, because biology has played its role. tata, my cousin is probably what i see when i look in the mirror and vice versa. you know they say that a person has several twins around the world, and i got one living in the same city and same family as me. this inspiration today comes from the puppini sisters and  by dedicating this post to her, these ladies singing is a nice background to write to.

do you have a friend whom you want to call the same second anything happens? this anything can be as huge as getting married and as tiny as a new nailpolish colour. do you have a friend who is such an inevitable part of your life that she takes all your worries closer to heart than you do and shares with you the secretiest of all the secrets? i do have exactly this kind of friend. apart from all those things, the level of her kindness is something out of this world. i know no other person with such a huge amount of people loving her and whom she has given all her heart. sometimes this giving is reaching the highest level of absurdness, but we can always have a laugh about that together. because laugh is the next great thing about my sister. her sincerity, truthfulness, intelligence... all those things and many more to say.

apart from all of that, i have a friend, with whom i share a daughter. elene, being tako's child, is my first child as well. she is the one, with whom i learned to babysit, talk and play. she is my personal daughter and the biggest love of my life. and from her mother i am learning how to be a good mum, because as those of you who have children know, it is quite a hard job to be one.

leaving you with puppini sisters and thoughts about your own biological and unbiological sisters.

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