Tuesday, April 8, 2014

a kind place to live

tbilisi is a kind place to live.

i parked my car yesterday near a restaurant and in a few minutes i saw a parking checker writing fines for the cars on my line. when i asked her whether it was prohibited to park, she asked me which one my car was. i showed it to her, being sure she would hand me the ticket, but she said she remembered it and wouldn't fine me. and there was my car standing in few hours without any ticket.

people make kind things in tbilisi. when somebody does something nice, it's not because he is male and wants to impress or flirt with you. of course those things happen as well, but generally the rule is that kind actions are done regardless age, sex and status of the person.

i can't count the number of times a taxi driver drove me somewhere without taking the money. or a flowerman giving me flowers in the street, or an absolutely unknown person helping me carry heavy and often even unheavy bags. while driving (and some of you know how horrible the drive in tbilisi is) when i show i need to make a sharp turn or even break the traffic law (which sometimes happens), the cars are always letting through. and if you have a child, the kindness level grows by ten. in tbilisi streets, absolutely unfit for strollers, everyone is ready to help carry it up the stairs, down the slope, across the street.

and you know what? kindness is absolutely contagious. those actions of kindness from people always make you do kind things yourself.

                                                        photo by Nukri Photography

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