Tuesday, February 15, 2011

about art

One of my friends told me the other day that a person should try oneself in all kinds of art, maybe one of them is his or her. I have always known that I have no talent in singing. Out of four Georgians three are great singers, I belong to the forth category unfortunately. The talent of acting is something you need to be have from early childhood, but I am still thinking to call into an acting group once I find one. I did some dancing, which I honestly love. Today I decided to try to paint. I know that painting without talent is impossible, but I also know that one can learn to paint, maybe not for the sake of becoming a modigliani, but for the sake of good mood and well-being. Painting calms you down and makes you feel good in general. I will be taking painting courses twice a week, maybe something good comes out of it.

I love impressionists. When I lived in London, I used to go the National Gallery and sit in the hall of impressionists for long hours. My favourite artists is Monet, definitely. While in Amsterdam, I visited Van Gogh's museum, where there was an exhibition of works of Monet I hadn't seen before. One of them: Cap Martin seen from Menton (1884) amazed me. I stood still for half an hour. I would like to share this painting with you, it may inspire you as well.

In Paris, I wanted to buy something from Montmartre. Me and my husband have a serious addiction to paintings, if you could only see one of our rooms, where we keep all the painting we possess, you would realize how big the scale of the addiction is. Having wandered through the rows of painters and paintings, eaten chocolate pancakes to warm us up, then wandered again, I saw two paintings between which I couldn't choose. Both of them showed the views of Parisian buildings in pastel colours and impressionist manner. One of the authors was French, that was the main reason why I chose his painting. After all, I have to buy a French painting from French painter once on Montmartre, a part of which I now possess back home.

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