Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my brother and my best friend

My blog is a mix of cooking, advertising, thoughts-sharing and people-introducing  :) I love writing about people I love, because I can share my feeling for them in written form as well. My cousin Nika is the person I would like to talk about today. I remember when he was little I used to read him fairy tales at night. Then I would teach him songs, and we would sing together and record it, we would play cards and the one who lost would get his face painted with charcoal. When I was afraid of grasshoppers, he would chase them and throw out of the window, we would talk for hours and hours, share everything with each other. When he was little I used to take him everywhere with my friends, now that he grew up, he takes me everywhere with his.  

Now that he has graduated from school with the highest marks, I'm so proud of him. I can always count on him: he is my support. He is my brother and my best friend.

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