Monday, June 13, 2011

prospero books & what french women know

I was looking through my mobile picture gallery and found two pictures that I took several months ago for my blog. I always wanted to write about one of my favourite places in Tbilisi but was always forgetting to.

Most of all I love book shops. Book shops and music shops. Since you don't really need music shops these days, because of youtube and online stores, my no.1 favourite is store filled with all kind of books. I can spend whole day in such store, more than a day, if i was only able to. In Tbilisi there are several nice bookshops, but the best one is Prospero's books, which I simply adore. It has such a nice backyard, where u can sit, have a hot chocolate and read the book you bought there.
One of my latest purchase is a book by Debra Ollivier 'What French women know'. I haven't read it till the end yet, but I will introduce 20 things, that i really liked :)

20 Things French Women Know

  French women love men. A lot. They prefer men to be in the picture, not out of it.

2.  French women prefer reciprocity and complementarities over strict egalitarianism.

3.  French women don’t need things to fit neatly into a box. Romantic possibilities don’t have to be emotionally tidy or safe. Desire can be of greater import than utility; experience more important than closure.

4.  French women have a keen sense of the brevity of time and the immediacy of pleasure.

5.  In France women do not pick flowers and ponder love with “He loves me, he loves me not;” rather they say “He love me a little. A lot. Passionately. Madly. Not at all. . ." They think in nuances, degrees of passion, shades of grey. They do not think in the absolutes of total love and utter rejection.

6.   French women don’t care about being liked and being like everyone else. They have no desire to be "all things to all people." They know the fine art of not giving a damn.

7.   French women do not believe in relationship experts, love gurus, how-to dogma, tools and techniques for finding love.  They are not fond of rules. There is no Doctor Phil in France.

8.   French women embrace contradictions. They can simultaneously be feminine and a feminist; sensualist and a traditionalist; classic and libertine; submissive and powerful; compliant and defiant.

9.   French women have no word for “date.”

10. French women have no word for “soul mate.”

11. French women do not believe in perfection or in Happily-ever-after.

12. French women balance romance with realism and fatalism.

13. French women embrace the idea of jolie-laide. They reject packaged beauty.

14. French women know how to cultivate their gardens. They believe in the seductive attributes of an inner life. They believe that smart is sexy.

15. French women know that safe sex is possible but not safe love.

16. French women agree to disagree.

17.  French women are grown-ups. They do not believe in being forever young.  You will never see a French women wearing a t-shirt that says “Life begins at seventy.” (Because it doesn't.)

18. French women are more interested in having a life than making a living.

19.  French women believe that personal space creates well-being. They know about boundaries.

20. French women are matter-of-fact about the body. They do not dramatize or sensationalize sex.

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