Thursday, October 4, 2012


i love windows.
especially at night: when they are full of light, warmth and families. i got the habit of looking at the windows and imagining the life of people living in them when i was working in diageo. i had a new product test running in samara - a city on volga river - and thus had to spend quite a lot of time in this city. i usually flew to samara on fridays and sometimes stayed there overnight. when after a hard day my colleagues were taking me to the hotel or airport, i was staring at the houses from the car. some of them had red lights in them - and i was sure it was kitchen with round table and granma's pie. we had a red chandelier in the kitchen in my childhood, and since then everytime i see a red window i associate it with warmth of family dinners. some of them had tv blinking, some had a small twinkling light, probably with a child sleeping in there. in winter i often saw fir trees with beautiful lights, colourful stickers on the windows, very often some festive lights. some windows had dark curtains, some of them didn't have curtains at all, but all of them had a great story, which i used to imagine everytime i passed them by.

oh and there was a house in london, which i used to pass by on weekends when i studied there. it was hidden somewhere between the knightsbridge and ennismore gardens, it was white with blue shutters and it had no curtains. everytime i walked by i saw a big sofa with flowers on it which was so cozy. the funny thing is i remember all those houses and windows.

and i'm pretty sure that windows are the face of every city.

right now i would love to find myself in one of the windows from the picture on the left.


  1. Nin, it was a pleasure to read the story... somehow it reminded me, the film by Vladimir Menshov "Moscow doesn't believe in tears", I mean the feeling of a lonely person living in a big city...the story was great.