Tuesday, August 30, 2011

midnight in paris

i need to share my emotions with you on this movie, i have a need to talk about something that i liked so much. midnight in paris was a long wait for me. i saw its trailer in february and only now, end of the summer, i was finally able to enjoy it. the trailer is nothing compared to the whole story itself. the genius mix of great actors, scenes, melodies and paris. that is just what i expected a new woody allen movie to be.

i feel like gil, just as he i always dream of past, feel nostalgic about old things. paintings, books, melodies from the past - they make me happy, i look at monet and my whole day is lighten up, i listen to old jazz - and i feel great. just as great as watching this movie with all familiar heros, listening to all familiar melodies and seeing the views of the city which i probably love along with two or three others most of all in the whole world.

and how fantastic are the actors. just a small scene with adrien brody as dali leaves me without words, he is just as i imagined dali to be. and picasso, and hemingway and fitzgerald - they are all just as i imagined.

paris is truly most beautiful in the rain, and today i really wish i could have a walk around night paris without any umbrella.

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  1. Adrian Brody is the best, he plays so good =)) adore