Tuesday, August 2, 2011

marvin the greatest

marvin gaye is amazing. his music, lyrics, and the feelings it all gives you. i have long been a marvin gaye fan and this fanning will stay for long time. his songs are used in many movies, novels, plays, because they can create the most sensual scenes. in one of my favourite books by anna gavalda, 'ensemble, c'est tout', camille and franck are listening to 'sexual healing' on their first date, in the recent italian movie 'manuale d'am3re', robert de niro and monica belucci are dancing striptease to 'come get to this' - all the romantic scenes are becoming amazing mostly because of marvin's music played in them.

and how many artists have tributed to marvin gaye? out of million versions, i am sharing with you the one i love most: Maceo Parker playing 'let's get it on':

enjoy marvin gaye, and i'll go listen to mercy, mercy me for hundredth time

ps. on my last.fm profile marvin is number three in my top artists chart. about my #1 and #2 i'll talk in my next posts

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