Monday, August 22, 2011


sometimes i get the nostalgic mood. this was what happened to me yesterday: i sat around my 'box of memories', where i keep different important for me stuff since school. it includes valentine's cards, notes, tickets to different concerts, movies, photos, small gifts from my friends.. lots of different things which make my day when i'm not in the mood of anything. among them were the tickets to five's concert in moscow. i don't know if some of you still remember five, but i was quite a fan of them at school. so i decided to dedicate this post to the boys bands that i loved.

here is the first video i want to share with you. that's boys II men, who according to me started the boys band era. i'm talking about the era of 1990's, with soul, rap and pop in it. end of the road, water runs dry, i'll make love to you... you never get tired of these songs and they are always there to bring the right romantic mood.

and then there was also East 17, which we were in love with in grade 6 i think. you know the funny thing, on my visit to Kiyv two years ago we were invited to the Premier Palace Casino birthday party and there they were - east 17, looking very very old and singing absolutely different and unusual songs, none of which i could recognize. when i asked them about 'thunder', they were very very happy i recognized them, and told me they lost the rights to this song and could no longer perform it.

Backstreet boys - my next favourites - were divided by my classmates according to the boys - some of them were nick's fans, some kevins, aj's. i was in the category of brian's fans. this song 'as long as you love' stays among my favourites now as well, i would often listen to it in moscow with my friend, who was among the fans of this song as well. good memories.


and here comes my no.1 favourite band of schoolyears - five. seriously, i loved absolutely all the songs of five, i knew all of them by heart and after their concert in moscow i felt i knew them in person. me and my best friend elya were so upset they splitted up that would watch their dvd's over and over again and remember the good times when they were all still together. and i always, deep in my heart, believed that elia would some day marry Scott. if somebody told me she wouldn't i would be very surprised.

after five's split, we needed a new boys band to love and there came blue. this was the last boys band i was fond of, since then i turned to jazz and occasionally went back to listening old songs by the bands i'm talking right now. i liked blue, they were handsome, singing nice songs and having very beautiful video clips. i heard they took part in eurovision 2011, which made me upset, but i also heard they are coming to tbilisi this autumn, i will definately go to their concert, even if the auditorium of it will maximum be 16-years-old girls.

And finally, these two bands - boyzone and westlife, the fan of which i have never been, and i don't really know why, because they have nice songs in their discography. maybe it's just they didn't have handsome boys in there, and at that period we cared about the looks not less than about the songs these looks were singing.

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