Monday, August 1, 2011

summer thoughts

this summer season made me forget about my blog. its not that i'm somewhere at the seaside, having tan and having fun and not having time for the blog. no, im still in tbilisi, at work and with no holiday perspective. it's just that in tbilisi the degree outside is so high, that all the thermometers have crushed. and so did i for several days.

speaking of summer, what are you guys doing now? which countries are u visiting? i would personally fly to portugal now. i have no certain idea why is that i chose portugal over all the other countries, but i have never been there and it's time to check the flights to lisbon, maybe i'll have a chance to take few days off.

please do share with me your ways of spending this summer. maybe only reading about seasides and tans and funs will make me feel more summery?

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