Friday, August 12, 2011

a romantic post

this is a short romantic post about my friend tamuna, who got one of the best proposals in the whole world. her now-fiancee hired a plane that flew around the beach of st.tropez several times with a banner 'tamuna, marry me'. tamuna was shocked and happy, people on the beach were smiling and clapping and we, girls, were listening to this story with a great feeling that there still is a romance in this world.


one of my friends proposal looked like this: he put arrows and hints all over moscow so that his girlfriend would go to the place they had their first date and get a hint to a second place, which all ended up in a park with him on his knees holding a ring.

my other friends future husband ordered thousands of roses, filled a terrace overlooking night tbilisi with them and appeared suddenly with a magician's hat holding an amazing diamond ring.

a recent proposal was made by my friends brother, who's friends were standing alongside the road  holding big banners asking questions and telling about the love he had for his future wife, with him on the end dressed in a t-shirt saying 'that's me'.

i love such stories, and i feel like collecting them. in the long run, it may lead to creating a book of such sweet memories.

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