Wednesday, August 3, 2011

le cordon bleu

my friend, who was visiting me in tbilisi last month has done lots of interesting things in her life. she is interested in all kind of stuff: design, architecture, fashion, cooking. speaking of the last one, she took a two-month course in Paris in famous Le Cordon Bleu, of which she told me the other day. Le Cordon Bleu is the school which julie&julia visited, and exactly the same school which makes greatest chiefs of the world.

i was looking through the courses it offers and have chosen a very nice mix of courses for me. most of all i like the Paris location with Patisserie Course which offers:

Artistic decorative skills
Ice cream & sorbet
Variations on restaurant desserts
Savoury petits fours
Introduction to bread-baking
Mastering bavarian creams & mousses
Caramel & nougatine
Introduction to chocolate : hand tempering & dipping

And this subject from Superior Patisserie Course is my no.1 choice:

The Art of Chocolate: Mousse cakes, tempering of chocolates, hand-dipped & moulded chocolates, mixing different chocolates and textures, chocolate boxes and flowers, sculpture & display

Oh, what a wonderful way it is to spend 2 months of my busy, crazy life.

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