Tuesday, November 20, 2012

christmas mood

christmas mood reaches tbilisi very late. while the whole world is decorated with lights, all the stores are filled with christmas toys and streets are singing christmas songs from every corner, tbilisi is still saying  goodbye to summer.

but today on my way to work i saw that workers began constructing huge light trees, which made me extremely happy. tbilisi is amazing in december. all the streets have beautiful lighting, you walk around the city and feel the spirit of christmas and new year.

another great way of getting into christmas mood is listening to christmas songs. have you noticed how rare you want to hear jingle bells in summer? but how great it is to listen to them when new year is near. i start listening to christmas songs in november, in beginning of december i set up christmas tree, starting from mid december i spend every weekend cooking some christmas dishes. ginger cookies, cinnamon cakes, chocolate chippies, waffles, apple pies ... 

i am a true child and believer that christmas is the best day of the whole year. this year i will be waiting for miracle more than ever in my life.

here is a song for you to get in my mood.


  1. Every time I read your blog, you make me smile, in a good sense.
    You're very positive and bright person. :-)


  2. armine, im so glad to hear that! thank you!!! :)