Wednesday, November 7, 2012

la finestra di fronte

i was introduced to ferzan ozpetek's movies by my good friends nato and fran, who sang a soundtrack from 'mine vaganti' (loose cannons) to me and insisted that i should watch it for sure. and so i did. in that movie, i just loved the main character riccardo scamarcio, believing him to be one of the handsomest men in the world. the scenery was amazing - true italy - with beautiful colours, beautiful people, big and emotional families and fantastic music.

the next ozpetek's movie i saw was 'la finestra di fronte' (facing windows), which i loved even more. the plot had great sense, introducing two love stories impossible on the one hand due to moral issues, but nevertheless beautiful and worth having. the movie had so many beautiful people in it, that it was a true pleasure watching it.

i think that ferzan ozpetek is one of the greatest turkish directors ever, though people who are more familiar with turkish cinema may name other great directors as well, but for me personally ozpetek is amazing because of his ability to  make good films with beautiful cast, fantastic soundtracks and cleverly knit stories.

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