Wednesday, November 14, 2012

sun valley serenade. glenn miller. love.

the classics of black and white cinema. sun valley serenade. one of my favourites. because of unbelievably amazing glenn miller, whose music i just adore. there is no other melody that can put you in such a great mood as his orchestra playing 'in the mood'.

i'm on the wave of 1940-50s these days. i have been listening to music, watching movies and remembering greatest artists, composers and singers of that period.

sun valley serenade is probably the only movie featuring glenn miller and his music. you don't even have to care about the plot of the movie when you have such an accompaniment. why did hollywood stop filming such kind and nice movies? why do we go to the premiers of scary movies with shootings and vampires, when sometime ago people were dressing up in long dresses and enjoyed movies in cinemas, the attendance of which equaled to the attendance of a nice concerts.

Why do robins sing in December?
Long before the Springtime is due?
And even though it's snowing, violets are growing
I Know Why and so do you

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