Friday, November 2, 2012

for so long

for so and me been finding each other for so long
tiko and i met in summer 2008, in a dining room of one of the hotels in turkey. we met thanks to my dearest lako and this encounter is probably the biggest present that i got from lako, after her friendship with me of course.

and the feeling that i feel for you is more then strong , girl

if in this world we can talk about soulmates and soulfriends, tiko is probably the best description for that word to me. though raised in two absolutely different countries, absolutely different schools, among absolutely different people, we were raised in very similar families, with principles that are so alike, that sometimes i cannot believe it. but all those things are nothing in comparison to what kind of friends we are now. i have a friend who gets me with half a phrase, half a word, half a letter. and i feel that i often don't even have to say anything, she just gets everything rightaway. during the hardest periods in my life she has been so there for me with all her heart, that i will never ever in my life forget that. she was my mind, my eyes and my heart and she stays there forever in spite of the fact that she lives 1500 kilometers away from me. those 1500 kilometers are absolutely nothing when it comes to our friendship. and all my life i will be learning from tiko how to be such a great person and all my life will be trying to be at least a little bit of such a great friend as she is.

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