Thursday, November 29, 2012

comparison & joy

the other day a good friend of mine posted this photo. when i read the message, i remembered a part from one of my favourite books - hector and the search for happiness. hector (main character) was travelling all around the world in search for happiness and writing down the rules of achieving it. one of them he wrote down during his plane trip. on that trip instead of economy class he was updated to business class for free. he sat in his new chair full of happiness drinking free champaign. next to him was a very sad man. when they began talking, hector found out that that guy was once updated to the first class for free and now was very sad to be sitting in the business class again. that story suddenly made hector's free-champaign-happiness much smaller. and the rule he wrote down was:

making comparisons can spoil your happiness.

oh how i agree with hector. but i also think that if you love making comparisons, you should make the right comparisons. what i mean with that is not to compare yourself to someone who has bigger house/better boyfriend/more interesting job, but to those who are homeless, alone and unhappy. i myself am struggling with that. and i myself know how hard is to be satisfied with your life and not complain. but i also know many people, who can only dream of the life many of us are having. for example, an old lady, whom i am visiting every thursday, who was raised in an orphanage, grew up alone, never got married and has noone to care for her.

these thoughts keep occupying my head the whole day and probably the best thing to do is be thankful for what we have. i don't urge you to stop dreaming of better life, never would i wish anyone to stop dreaming. but let those dreams be positive dreams, without comparison and envy.

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