Wednesday, November 14, 2012

disney princesses

every girl has her favourite disney princess. my two little nieces - elene and ani have divided princesses among each other. elene is jasmin and ani is snowhite. i myself was a jasmine when i was little. not just because of my hair colour, but because alladin was probably my favourite disney cartoon and it stays like that even now. i can't even call them cartoons, they are real movies. i am not quite sure how cartoons are made now, probably just with the use of computers and technology, but in 1950s, time when cinderella was made, artists drew scenes from real life. each princess had two prototypes - first one, a live action model, who posed for all the scenes and acted in front of the painters, and the second one - singing and speaking voice, who recorded the dialogs and songs.

my favourite voice is cinderella's voice - ilene woods. i honestly believe that such types of voices don't exist anymore. you know that warm, old-style voices that we used to hear in old movies and cartoons. in that category i put judy garland, one of my favourite voices, which i will talk about some other time, since the topic of this post is cartoons and its princesses.

you can watch the video i posted below and have a look at all the princesses, their models and their voices. and you will see how the style of princess singing has changed as time passed. now old-fashioned cinderella and belle are replaced by modern soul and pop singers - in 'princess and the frog' and 'rapunzel'. i may be subjective, but those old voices i loved more, just as i still do love old cartoons more.

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