Wednesday, December 26, 2012

love sweet love

i woke up today, got dressed, said bye to ilia and went out into a snowy street. my car started with the song 'what the word needs now is love sweet love..' and it went on an on with dozen of variations of that song. i have forgotten to press 'shuffle' and it turned out that my ipod had a minimum of 20 versions of that wonderful music. but i didn't feel like skipping any of them. this song has made that morning look so much brighter and warmer than it actually was.

the reason of wonderful morning was not only the snow and the song, but also a birthday of my very very close friend, whom by the state of circumstances i know only two years, but who is one of the closest people to my heart now. mancho, i want to wish you a very happy birthday, with all the wishes that you have in mind coming true. but the most important wish i have to make is what i was writing about before. because the only thing that really means anything in life is love - love of your friends, your son and someone special in your heart. may these loves grow bigger and bigger making you happier and happier with every coming day.

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