Friday, December 21, 2012

observation #3: men and women

i have never been a relationship expert or psychologist, but i want to share one observation with you, which i made yesterday. actually i have made this observation quite a few times, but yesterday's episode made me smile and think that men really don't know what women want.

i was in a shopping mall in an accessory store, when i overheard a conversation between a wife and a husband. the girl was pregnant, walking around the store and looking at wallets and bags. her husband was also flipping through different wallets. the girl noticed that he was doing that and with a smile walked away from the wallet section, thinking (and i am hundred percent sure about that) that her husband has noticed her interest in wallets, and left in anticipation of a surprise, that he would go and buy one of them for her. but, suddenly he calls her back with a text, 'what do you think, after i have sold the car, would it be a nice idea to buy one of those wallets for the lady who is helping me with the documents for it'? ta dam. boom.

and the face of the girl, full of disappointment and sadness. and her words 'oh, i'm sure she doesn't need one, she must have loads of them'.

i am in no way being a feminist, saying that this guy wanted to hurt his wife. i am sure he didn't even realize that his wife would like to have one of those wallets. because we, girls, pay so much attention to little things, we notice every word, every gesture and make up our own fantasies and when they don't come true we get that awful disappointment feeling. the sad truth is that boys are just less attentive (with exceptions, of course). but that doesn't mean they love us less. probably we just have to learn to make expectations equal reality.


  1. and smtimes to say- what we'd love to expect from them :*<3 Nini, u r GREAT! :* )