Tuesday, December 4, 2012

the art of presents

before reading this post, i suggest you all have a look at this wonderful john lewis ad, which has been my favourite since the time it has been released. 

today's topic is directly connected with the main message of the ad. 
'for gifts you can't wait to give'.  
some time ago i read this nice quote, talking about the difference between a gift and a present. it was saying that a gift is something you give a person, knowing he or she wants it and will be happy to have it. a present was said to be something you give a person because you want him or her to have it. it might not be the grammatical and correct meaning, but i like it very much.

i am the person who likes giving gifts. and christmas time is the time when all my imagination and energy is put into thinking about gifts and people who will be receiving them. remembering everything they like, everything they dream of or don't have. and then i put whole internet upside down, walk all the shops back and forth and find everything with what i want to make people around me happy. you know why i like that ad? because it says something that is absolutely true - the happiness of giving presents is so much bigger than the one of receiving them!

i love christmas and new year because of that time spend together opening the presents - the sounds of wrapping paper tearing apart, happy comments and excited faces. with some nice music on the background. what else can one need for happiness? maybe just snow - which is something you rarely get in tbilisi on the new years. unfortunately.

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