Monday, December 31, 2012

see you in 2013

my dear readers,

this is my the last post in 2012. today i was doing my last minute shopping for new year's eve, bought remaining presents, sent greeting cards, which my friends will be receiving all over the world, gave presents to my favourite people and bought some wrapping paper for the final gifts. the weather was sunny and beautiful, people in the stores and streets were running around with happy faces. i think this is the only period when at least tiny happiness is in every person. everyone expects something for the new year and everyone will make a wish to come true in the next year.

this year has not been an easy one, and i have heard it from probably every person around me. but personally to me this year has given the biggest and best present - my son, only for which i will be grateful to 2012.

in the new year i wish you all exciting moments, great emotions, warm people, big love, happiness in your eyes, kindness in your hearts and all this in big big amounts.

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