Sunday, December 2, 2012

if we said everything we thought, did everything we wanted and found fun in everything..

i believe so many problems in this world would have disappeared if we only behaved like we did in our childhood.

if we said everything we thought, did everything we wanted and found fun in everything.

yesterday i was having a talk with my little niece elene, whom you know very well.  she was telling me stories from her school life, which made me smile and think that we would all be so happy if we behaved like those children from 2nd grade.

when mariam likes sandro, she goes and tells him that straight away. in adult world, how many times we were afraid to tell someone we loved them? when nutsa is jealous that elene is not holding hands with her - she goes and tells her. yes, elene listens, and holds hands with nutsa, because she wants to make nutsa happy. how many times we, adults, have quarrelled with someone and didn't put any efforts to find the main reason, go and tell the person all our thoughts and feelings? or, having found out what makes other people happy, we just ignored it? elene and her classamates had a teacher, who sometimes was too strict with them, but elene never said that at home. why can't we, people so much older and wiser than those children, have our mouth shut, if we know that our complaints and rumours can ruin other people's lives? when elene has cookies with her, she splits them all up, so that the whole class can have them. she puts those cookies on the desks, and then her classmates find the cookies after the break and eat with pleasure. that we should do as well - we all know what makes our friends happy, so why not think about making them actually happy - with attention and surprises?

all those things are so easy when you are 8, but why do they become so difficult when we grow up?

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