Wednesday, December 19, 2012

walnut eyes

you already know one of my favourite georgian artists - nino chakvetadze. i am not sure if you have seen all her paintings, i will post some of them here.

one common thing her characters have - are walnut eyes. fantastic, amazing, beautiful eyes. just like the eyes of my son. ilia has walnut eyes. they are so beautiful, that i look into them and cannot look away. big, shining and full of life. full of interest, happiness, love and kindness. when i look in his eyes, i am absolutely sure that he will grow up into a kind and amazing person.

i was thinking about what he is to me and came to a conclusion - he is my walnut jam. i am not sure that walnut jam is made anywhere else but in georgia, but believe me it is the sweetest and tastiest thing in the world. just as my son.

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