Wednesday, October 17, 2012


i want this post to be the happiest and warmest of all the posts i have written before. you can scroll down and see the reason for that or you can first read the post and then have a look at something that makes me so happy and warm.

on 13th of october my son turned 4 months. i was thinking about a present for him, which would be the first present i gave him and which he would keep forever. about my huge love for art you already know, but i haven't told you anything about my huge love for an amazing artist, nino chakvetadze yet.

i first saw her paintings when i was pregnant. looking through her albums on facebook, i promised myself to get my child one of them once i am back in georgia. then lots of things happened in my life and i was totally busy dealing with them. though i never forgot about my promise.

so the other day i called nino and asked if she could draw a special painting for my special son. and some time later (yesterday) she called me back saying it was ready. i couldn't wait till i got home finally and walked down to nino's house which is very close to mine. and when i entered her house with wonderful paintings on the walls and when she showed me ilu's painting my heart filled with such warmth, i am not sure i will ever be able to express it with words.

when i walked back home holding the painting, everyone was looking at it (or maybe me, who was sooo happy to hold it). i hung 'carnival' on the wall in front of my son's bed and imagined that when he grows up he will give names to all of the characters on it, but one thing i know for sure - iluka is that little boy on the right with sombrero.

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