Monday, October 22, 2012

love sundays

yesterday was a wonderful day. you know, one of those sunny sundays when you are out of the house the whole day. and i'm so glad my son is growing the same type of person that i am. the type that never sits home and loves communication.

we went for a walk in mtskheta, georgia's old capital, and then we had lunch in a restaurant over the river. the weather was just perfect, it was sunny and full of people having walks and lunches and picnics all around us. and there were so many weddings! one of them even took place in the banquet hall of the restaurant we were having lunch in. a child was a great excuse for walking around, so i saw everything - the bride, tables, cakes, guests, musicians :) when we asked for dessert, the waitress told us she would bring us the cake from the wedding if we wished. only then i realized why on my wedding half of the guests didn't get to taste the cake - cakes tend to disappear mysteriously. having refused the waitress, we went for a dessert to my cousins place, where we ate my favourite tatara - georgian dessert made from grape juice - sort of grape pudding. and the best ending of the day was at my place with my dearest friends over drinking my uncle's tasty wine and remembering funny university stories.

i love sundays. those are the best days of the week.

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