Thursday, October 11, 2012

the secret

the other day when i called my cousin she was watching a documentary called 'the secret'. she told me it was worth seeing and that i should definitely see it myself. i downloaded it and watched first 12 minutes of the movie. then i stopped, and maybe i will continue watching it later, right now i don't really feel like it. but the main message gave me things to think about. it says that power of attraction makes all our thoughts come true and that we attract those things that are in our head.

but when we think about something we should always think positive. because according to this theory, the thoughts are materialized, no matter if we want them or not. so if we don't want something to happen the universe gets only the message of our thought, not our attitude towards it - and it will happen for sure, just in some period of time.

honestly speaking, this theory frightened me a lot. not that i am always thinking about bad things, no. i consider myself to be pretty optimistic. but in life you always have moments when you think about negative things and oh, i don't want them to come true!

have anyone of you practiced this theory?

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