Wednesday, October 24, 2012

observation #2. books and reading

i get so much inspiration from the everyday scenes that i observe in the streets. i can issue a huge book of all my various observations and thoughts that i get from them.

this time, my observation is the following - the richest people are those not with the biggest houses but those with the biggest libraries. today, it rained in tbilisi. i went out for the lunch and this is what i saw - a lady, with bags covered for them not to get wet, was sitting with an umbrella, reading a book with such interest, that i am absolutely sure she didn't, even for a second, care about the rain, cold, uncomfortable seat, things to do and problems she had. she was just sitting there, enjoying something she was reading so much: probably in her thoughts she was on another continent, on a ball in 17th century, in a forest running, in cuba dancing, on a meeting talking, writing a love letter, receiving a love letter, happy, worried and in anticipation of what happens next.

books give us everything. they open all the boarders, all the windows and make us think about things we have never thought before. you know what my biggest dream is? one day to be able to write something worth reading with such interest as this lady in the street was having.

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