Wednesday, October 24, 2012

lullaby music

me and my son are music fans. crazy music fans. we've been listening to music non stop since we were both born. and music is the only thing that makes us happy when we are crying, and which makes us calm down when we are worried.

iluka has his own favourites, of course, like we all do. his personal favourite is barry white and he just adores funk. some of the artists he is not yet familiar with, because they are hard to listen to. the main reason for that is that iluka is only 4 months old. but the solution came to us itself. ilu will be listening to all great rock bands, but in a lullaby rendition. we discovered rockabye baby cd's, which are on their way to tbilisi. from now on beatles, bob marley, u2, coldplay, madonna, eagles and many others will be singing to iluka in a sweet, lullaby voice.


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