Friday, October 5, 2012


there are people who are as cozy as a home. you hug them and realize that you are at home. to such category of people in my life i want to add four friends of my childhood. one of them, katya, is my first classmate and our friendship will reach twenty years in 2013. my friendship with yakki and zi is one year younger and my friendship with elya is 15 years old, which honestly is a lifetime to me.

the most amazing fact about our friendship is that we are each others reflection. no matter the years, different universities, different countries we live in, we are still those 5 friends who listened to east 17's 'thunder', danced to spice girls, read catcher in the rye and played twister on the picnic in kolomenskoe. who dreamt that in future we would be great businesswomen (at the age of 20, which seemed very old to us), who had a pact 'of never liking boys of each other', which meant the boys that one of us liked, who sent valentine cards to and stole the notebooks of older boys, who hang on telephone lines for 5 hours every evening, who wrote each other big notebooks with all the news from the school, when one of us was sick at home, and who wrote down the summary of the episodes of our favourite series, when the others were on a vacation.

and yes, we are still those five girls, but listen to slightly 'older' music, watch 'older' movies and dance to slightly different songs, but we still write each other cards, tell each other how much we love and are there for each other when those boys hurt us.

my dear katez, yakki, zika and elechka, if you only knew how much i love you!

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  1. Anastassia Letowt-VorbekOctober 6, 2012 at 1:10 AM

    Дорогая Ниношка ! Так трогательно и искренне звучат эти строки ! Наверное, для любого учителя - это высшая награда, когда его ученики пронесли детскую школьную дружбу сквозь годы ! Каждый из вас для меня неповторим, незабываем и настолько любим, что это не передать словами. Помните, что вы всегда в моем сердце, сколько бы новых любимых учеников у меня не было !